I'm a creative copywriter and word stylist.

I help coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs craft winning copy that makes them shine online.

I'm on a mission to help you find your magic, nail your voice, tell your story and write copy that gives your brand that extra sparkle.


Why did you follow the divine breadcrumbs here? Is it:

aYou're in overwhelm. You want to hire a copywriter 'coz you aint' got no time to pump out content 24/7 but you know it's important.

b You want to be a writer but you don't know where the hell to start.

c You want to switch careers and be more creative but you've got no idea how to make the leap.

d You're feeling lost, trapped, soul-destroyed, frustrated. You can't even pinpoint why but you know you've got special gifts to offer to the world and you wish you knew how to put your dreams into action.

Well, never fear my friend, I've got your number. I know what you're going through. 'Coz I've been there.

You want to be creative. You want to live a stylish, beautiful life on your own terms. You want to show up and take action. To create a business and life you love.

You want to find the ideal words to describe who you really are.

Cool, I get it. And there's a solution. Deep breath, pal, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm your bestie in the pursuit of a better life. A purposeful one, a meaningful one.

One that lights you up, goddamit.

I want to help you create a brilliant, inspiring brand and make sweet music with your content.





I love words and books and writing. I believe in the power of storytelling.


I've always loved writing and telling stories. After spending years as a frustrated lawyer with writing as a 'side biz', I launched my copywriting business in 2014 to help passionate individuals and businesses nail their voice, find their magic, tell their story, attract a loving tribe and learn how to shine online.

This is my dedicated creativity and copywriting and hub for entrepreneurs.

It's also a place where women, small business owners, coaches, creatives, mama-preneurs, dreamers, wanderlusts and just about anyone who is in a rut can visit to feel unstuck and inspired.

It all began with a vision of a woman running across a sunlit piazza in Florence, filled with love, curiosity and wanderlust. Chasing her dream life in the orange glow of dusk. Running in heels on medieval cobblestone streets with exquisite, reckless abandon. Her dress soaring behind her in the wind. Her hair all crazy and wild.

I've been running like that all my life.

Running to explore, running to escape, running to enjoy crazy cultures and luxe locales.

Running to experience an assault on the senses that only travelling to exotic places can bring.

But for all that time I was running, I never decided what I wanted to do with my life.

I meandered along and let life HAPPEN to me.

I knew I wanted to write. I knew I wanted to be creative. But I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHERE TO START.

I felt helpless and exasperated.

I felt like something was missing.

I kept thinking: what if this is as good as it gets?

Well, you know what? It wasn't. Because I finally decided to be a doer not a dreamer and did something about it.

And it got BETTER. So much BETTER.

Fast forward 7 years from the day I started questioning it all BIG-time and and I've finally made the leap.

I now write every day and I love it.


Jacqui Jubb is a Sydney-based freelance writer and creative copywriter who's passionate about telling people's stories and bringing brands to life.

Jacqueline is a gun at crafting copy that will reel you in, make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes and tug at your heart (and purse) strings. She loves writing content that inspires, connects and converts.

A lawyer-turned-word stylist and entrepreneuress, Jacqueline has written for a range of online and print publications such as Mamamia and White Magazine as well as a host of inspiring clients from Owners Collective and LinkedIn to Seekerloverdreamer, McGrath Magazine and Travel Your Way.

In 2015, Jacqueline launched her copywriting consultancy, Florence in Heels, to help transport brands from 'blah' and 'boring' to 'brilliant' and 'beautiful'. Jacqueline is on a mission to make the world a better place: one word, one message, one purpose-driven business and brand at a time.

14 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME: (because everyone does 10):

1I love travel with every inch of my being.

2I count dancing, singing and musical theatre as my greatest life passions (if I could sing a duet with Hugh Jackman one day, my life would be complete).

3Sometimes I walk around in my 'active wear' and it even fools me that I've been to the gym.

4I once flew to London with 22kg of luggage, a broken heart, no job, no apartment and no idea. I lived there for 2 years. Some of the most glorious days of my life.

5I'm not one of those super groomed, 'twin set and pearls' ladies. More of a 'check out my sexy bed hair and strategically ripped jeans' kinda gal.

6I've worked as a bartender, checkout chick, legal editor, bookstore clerk, cookie maker, wedding singer, waitress, human rights lawyer, criminal lawyer and commercial litigation specialist. I guess you could say I'm a multipassionista. But nothing lights me up as much as writing words and stories that make people do a happy dance in their living room.

7I watch dance flicks like Dirty Dancing and Step Up with my 3 year old daughter and cover her eyes in the naughty bits.

8I like hip hop, R&B and cheesy Hollywood movie soundtracks.

9I rarely carry an umbrella when it rains. I dig the whole 'Hey, I'm Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings in A Funeral and I don't care if my wet hair is wrapped around my face' vibe.

10I sob loudly during wedding speeches.

11I love being barefoot. I love the feeling of sand between my toes. Occasionally, I drink green smoothies. And I dig yoga. But I'm not a vegan/hipster/tofu-eating kinda free spirit. Just a travel obsessed, wanderlust kinda one. In fact, I tend to carb load when everyone goes Paleo (I zig when others zag).

12My capacity to suspend disbelief is unparalleled. I can literally watch the same movie 10 times in a row and still gasp in horror when the heroine dies.

13I'm obsessed with interior decor, French pharmacies, shoes and binge watching the latest HBO or Netflix show. I'm fascinated by the habits of motivated, healthy, happy and successful people.

14I'm all about writing and creativity. About exploration and escape. About getting uncomfortable. About giving yourself permission to want what you want. About reinventing yourself. About transcending limitations and being the best ‘you’ you can you be.

Remember: you've only got one shot at this, darling: make it memorable. Make it count.

It's never too late to be extraordinary.