Travel and dreaming about travel are two of my favourite pastimes in life.

It’s lucky really because travel has been a lifelong friend: she’s assaulted my senses, ignited my desires, mended my broken heart, satiated my thirst for knowledge, wrenched me out of my comfort zone, made me crazy with anger and frustration, filled up my mind with pretty landscapes and twilight vignettes and led me to wonderful people and blissful moments I’ll never forget.

When I’m not planning my next holiday, I’m supremely anxious. Anxious to see my trusty lifelong friend again, to see what adventure we will take this time. To feel the thrill and excitement of being at the airport, watching jets soar into the air. To lay bikinis and sarongs and beauty products all over my bed the night before (the week before now I have an extra accessory in the form of a cheeky toddler) so I can pack the perfect vacation suitcase. To slip my passport into my clutch and wait for my life to be stamped with new memories, new places, new sights and sounds.

The idea of running in heels appeals to me because apparently Florentine women don’t wear heels. Too many cobblestone streets, too much of a hassle. Well, sometimes, that’s just how travel and new cultures make you feel – challenged, hassled, exhausted, annoyed, overwhelmed. Which is totally why it’s worth it! Because each time you feel challenged, you learn something new and you see the world in a different rosy light. You see yourself in a different way. I’d like to think I could run in heels in Florence, if only to say I tried. Even if I fell on my arse, it’d still be fun because I want to run through the piazza of life and soak up all it has to offer, even if that means a couple of scrapes and bruises or a bit of battered confidence along the way.

So this blog is about exploration and escape. About writing and creating. About connecting with people who inspire me. About lifestyle. About love. About transcending limitations and being the best ‘you’ you can you be. This blog is for those who count travelling as one of the best love affairs they’ve ever had. This blog is for girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts.

Jacqui x

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” — Robert Louis Stevenson